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This Belgium-based company is producing some of the most innovative lighting in the world today. Founded in 2002 by Jonkmans Electrical Works, EDEN collaborated with design architect Bart Lens and hasn’t looked back. Lens is a rare breed of designer, able to turn his hand to both the elegant and the whimsical in equal fashion, demonstrating an intuitive understanding of light and form. For example his Diabolo lamp evokes images of a solar eclipse, chesterfield lounge and a diabolo toy. While his OnLine system marries the magic of magnets with sleek European design and cutting edge-luminary research. Little wonder OnLine picked up a Reddot Award in 2011. Similarly, Led Line allows for lines of lights without limits, providing architects and interior designers much needed flexibility. And Pinocchio is a playful use of form, inspired by the growing nose of the wooden puppet that was brought to life. EDEN Design is definitely a lighting force to be reckoned with.

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