Original design for everybody.

Previously the exclusive reserve of leading local and international  architects and designers buydesign.com.au (at long last), makes available the very latest original designer furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories  to the general public, and in particular Regional Australia.

All products sold are guaranteed.


buydesign.com.au  Who are we?

buydesign.com.au was established and is operated as an online store by Australia’s principal supplier (for over 25 years), of genuine
high-end designer furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories.

To local and international architects and designers of reputation, we are known for excelling in residential and corporate projects of all types and size that demand the finest in quality and best in modern design.

We like all to know that we constantly monitor our operations to minimise our carbon footprint, we are committed to quality of product and service and we actively belong to all progressive and best practice industry groups representing design and manufacturing excellence and innovative recycling methods.


Presenting international designers and the local elite.

From all over the world, and the local elite, we source and select buydesign.com.au products from today's contemporary and innovative hign-end designers and cutting edge manufacturers.

To the envy of others, we have exclusive Pacific regional rights to many of the world’s best design firms allowing us to offer a broad and interesting selection as opposed to a mere handful of products and items.

Our designers and manufacturers demand the best materials, finishes and build to the highest industrial and ecological specifications and that is exactly what we present and offer to you.


The designers behind the brands behind buydesign.com.au

We at buydesign.com.au like having choice.

Better still, we like being able to offer you the choice of the best designers and design firms in the world (as below). Some of these company’s are new boutiques whilst others are large established firms with traditions and reputations going back decades.

We know them all well, we have visited their studios and factories and meet and speak regularly.